Tips to help you create and manage your group

When you create a new group, you will be his only Administrator with full power

The Administrator can:

  1. Create and change the name of the group;
  2. Create and change the description;
  3. Establish the security level: Public, Restrict or Private;
  4. Create and change the rules;
  5. Create an icon or a logo;
  6. Add an image or a design to the header with 1280 px wide x 600 height;
  7. Choose or change the theme or the layout of pages;
  8. Personalize the colours of pages;
  9. Define the frequency and how many photos per day a member can send;
  10. Change the size of miniatures;
  11. Change the kind of miniatures border;
  12. Change the size of presentation of the biggest photos;
  13. Approve or delete photos and comments from the gallery;
  14. Administrate the forum;
  15. Add or remove moderators without limitation;
  16. Invite, approve, block or expel members including moderators.
  17. Giving in to his position as administrator to a moderator;
  18. Note: The functionalities available to the Administrator depend on the plan he has. Check yours!
  19. If your plan expires does not lose the administrator functions.

The moderators can:

  1. Moderate the forum;
  2. Approve or remove photos and comments;
  3. Invite, approve, block or expel members.

If you create a new group, you are the one who decide about the rules of your group and only you will have the tools to administrate it. Follow these advices to keep a happy community:

  1. Invitations: The first step to have a well succeeded group is having members! Invite your friends or persons you know with photography as a passion.
  2. Visits: Visit your group frequently. Groups will develop with new photos, comments and answers from members.
  3. Moderation: To have success your group needs a good moderation. So, invite members to help you. Moderators don’t have total administrative power, but they can help you in the control of new photos and comments and they can suspend members who don’t respect the rules.
  4. Suspension: You can suspend temporarily members that are always making quarrels, but they can come again later. Some of them just need a time to think in what they did and then they will regret and change their behaviour.
  5. Expulsions: You can expulse definitively members who don’t regret and keep making quarrels in the group.
  6. Conclusion: If a member uploads or writes something offensive, he should be warning politely.
  7. If that member still has the same behaviour after the warning, he should be suspended.
  8. If he doesn’t change is behaviour after the readmission, he should be expulse definitively.
  9. Sometimes, when a member is expulse he creates another account using another name and come again to the group.
  10. That is acceptable if they don’t have the older behaviour. Meanwhile, people who try to offend, scandalize, siege, harm or irritate members shouldn’t be without warnings, suspensions or expulsions.
  11. These annoying people can destroy a community and sometimes that is their purpose and the best way to deal with is just ignore them.

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